In food photography, the ingredients are always the star of the show, but over the years, I have learned that the backgrounds and props are part of what can really "make" a shot.  As for most things, there is a lot more then meets the eye when it comes to food images. Many times on set you can have a photographer, with an assistant, food stylist, with an assistant, prop stylist, art director, and an intern (if your lucky).  Everyone plays a critical role.  The look and feel of the final shot can vary from the color combinations, layers, and props used. Obviously the props selected vary depending on what the client is going for.  Ultra modern or farmhouse chic, print or web, advertisment or recipe illustration can determine what is purchased and where the shopping is done.  

As someone that enjoys antique shopping and browsing the aisles at Homegoods, this is yet another job that I truely enjoy, and another creative outlet that encompasses beautiful food.